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Lists of Bradbury's main comm posts and log threads; threads/contact/logs with individual characters should be on his CR chart but this is to help keep track of his "starter" post. All dates indicated are reflective of the IC time that these took place and not the actual RL time of posting.


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"You've reached Bradbury. I'm out, so leave a message if you need me."
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This post is mainly for the purpose of asking, simply: can Bradbury's power affect your character, and if so, to what extent?

Bradbury can be described as a system disruptor -- whether that system is organic, inorganic, or something else semi-tangible, like an energy field. He can short out electronics, partially paralyze someone, make people fall unconscious, and even temporarily nullify someone's powers.

Regardless of what he's trying to use them on, his power will work in largely similar ways: Bradbury will have to be in physical contact with whatever he's trying to disrupt, and it has to be with his bare skin, and he won't really figure out how it works for a while.

If you could fill in the handy-dandy form below, that would be a huge help, so thanks in advance! /o/ ♥ Whether or not these powers actually work on individual characters will be subject to the ever-changing vagaries of plotting needs, so I'm pretty flexible. I'll also generally always ask before I use it! If you need his powers for plot reasons or the like, feel free to let me know!

ADDITIONALLY: Canonly, comics exist in his world, but he's nowhere near as much of a geek as Mitch is: the chance of any 4th-walling is extremely low, and the most he can probably manage off-hand is to recognize the really distinct costumes if he sees them (though he'll most likely only remember them from the movie iterations). Still, to cover all the bases, I've tossed in a 4th-wall question too!

UPDATE (11/13/2012): As of his death and canon update after HABIT's Thunderdome plot, Bradbury's coming back with with another ability, namely superhuman reflexes - but they only work when he's in a life-threatening situation. Like a supercharged adrenaline rush, it temporarily gives him a burst of superhuman strength and/or speed. He would first have to notice what's happening to react to it: if he's caught completely off guard, it won't trigger! As a sustained mode, the longest it can last is thirty seconds; otherwise, it will turn itself 'off' as soon as the threat is resolved.

Practical examples of this power in action: if he noticed someone drawing a gun, he could disarm the gunman or dodge the bullet when it's fired. If a truck landed on someone, he could gain a sudden burst of strength to lift it up. However, he wouldn't be able to say, catch a stack of falling cups and plates unless his life (or anyone else's) somehow depended on it. He'd be reacting more on instinct than thought. Think the scene in the Total Recall remake when whatsisface disarms a room full of guards - something like that! It would put a hell of a lot of strain on his body, so once it's been used to its maximum, he wouldn't be able to use it again until he'd gotten some rest.

This power has pretty limited application so it's just something to be aware of as something he's capable of. I'll always be sure to talk it out with anyone I'm threading with before letting it kick in!

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Got a comment on how I play Bradbury, or any suggestions for how I could do things better? My inbox is always open. Comments are screened and IP logging is off.
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A handy-dandy list of various memes and/or dressing room threads Bradbury has participated in; partly for being able to keep track for fun, partly so I can see what worked and what didn't as I sort out how I want to play him! In addition, there's always my Call Me Out post if you ever want to musebox something one-on-one.

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